Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A Man For All Reasons

Although his role in Pearl was small I sure did like getting to stare at David Corenswet some alongside Mia Goth's tremendous work in that terrific Ti West entertainment, and yesterday came news that we'll be getting more opportunities of that sort, phew -- Deadline's reporting he'll star in a new FX series from producers Danny Strong (aka Buffy Nerd Jonathan Forever) and one Darren Aronofsky called The Answers, based on the 2018 book by Catherine Lacey (anybody read it) which they compare to The Handmaid's Tale. Here's the plot:

"... set in the near future, where a heartbroken young woman, Mary, joins an enigmatic experiment that promises to hack love, but after moving into an idyllic, secluded location with her fellow female participants, she and the other women start questioning what’s really happening in the experiment, and why they’ve all been tasked with dating the same mysterious man, Christopher Skye (Corenswet). Christopher Skye, a movie star, is a man of contradictions. When we first meet him, we are so taken with his talent, charisma, and raw power, we absolutely believe he is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. However, the more we get to know Christopher, the more we see his wild neuroses and his deep despair. This is a man who, on the surface, has everything, but underneath feels empty."

Sounds like Sci-Fi The Bachelor, right? Well even though I am sure there's a traumatic twist I can think of far worse things than being forced to date David Corenswet. Far, far worse things. They better have really awful things up their sleeves is my point. I mean Oscar Isaac was really fucking evil in Ex Machina and they barely got me on the robot's side on that one, given how blisteringly hot he was while simultaneously being so evil. Hey don't glare at me -- I was irreparably scarred by childhood trauma, I'm allowed to have some sordid impulses dammit. And believe me I'm much more boring in practice than in theory.

Aaaanyway this isn't the only prestige series back on a recent bestselling book that Corenswet has lined up -- he's also co-starring opposite Natalie Portman no less in Lady in the Lake, an adaptation of Laura Lipman's 2019 novel about a housewife in 1960s Baltimore who tries to solve the murder of a woman that nobody's trying to solve. This series is being run by Alma Har'el, director of Honey Boy, and has already finished production. And then there's a romantic film called The Greatest Hits that David is starring in with actress Lucy Boynton, which I only bring up because the two of them were photographed romping on a beach in their underpants back in October and I forgot to post it! Goodness gracious! So hit the jump for a couple dozen photos of David Corenswet in soaking wet boxer briefs, if you please...

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