Friday, October 21, 2022

An Officer and a Gentle Man

Hey there, handsome Jeremy Pope. How you doin? Anyway I might end up writing some more reviews out of the New York Film Festival once I've given my brain a minute (i.e. this weekend) to rest, but for right now let's assume that this review here today at Pajiba of Elegance Bratton's gay marine drama The Inspection is going to be my last review from the 2022 edition of my hometown fave film fest, just to err on the side of safety. (Meaning it's always safe to assume I'll be lazy.) Really though I have both Brooklyn Horror Fest and NewFest reviews to write as well, so uhhh there's that. Anyway click on our NYFF tag for links to all of this year's coverage (or on the Twitter thread below) and next week I'll do a proper round-up post, once I've decided whether I am actually done or not.

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