Monday, October 24, 2022

13 Toilets of Halloween #6

Ever notice that Omar Epps' character probably dies with his dick hanging out in Scream 2? I mean we don't see his dick (unfortunately) but he clearly whips it out to pee in the bathroom and then he never seems to put it away before...

... Ghostface stabs him in the side of the head. I think we under-rate what a humiliating death this is -- dead on the floor of the men's bathroom at the local multiplex with a glory-hole in the side of his head and his dick hanging out. Only a gay man would write this shit.

And only a gay man would do an entire post about this nonsense, haha. Anyway ScreamWiki says it's Laurie Metcalf who commits this bathroom kill but that it's Timothy Olyphant who kills Jada Pinkett in her theater seat -- anybody know how they decided that? Whoever kills Jada is wearing Omar's character's leather jacket...

... so I guess they do a whole swap-out thing? Seems overly complicated to me but then the logistics of who's doing each kill in the Scream movies usually make very little sense. That said all of that creepy whispering that Bathroom Ghostface is whispering in the stall ("Billy tell Mommy what you did" et cetera) does seem like it'd be coming from Laurie Metcalf's character, aka Billy's Mommy. In summation, give it up again for Laurie Metcalf in this movie. Queen!

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shaun said...

Two things:
1) do we think that whispering is an homage to Black Christmas' "crank" calls? always reminded me of that;

2) if I look at the first GIF very carefully, I detect a motion that, I think, is a zipper being pulled up; I bet that was MEANT to be the zipping, but I agree that there is no dick putting away before said zipping motion -- ouch/franknbeans!