Saturday, October 22, 2022

13 Toilets of Halloween #4

Does anyone else think of Michael Myers when the T-Rex
does that little head-tilt in the first Jurassic Park movie? 

I always do, but then I'm weird. So I feel as if I should ask. Anyway I wouldn't put it past the animators and technicians who brought the T-Rex to life to have done that on purpose -- that movie is filled with so much character when it comes to all of the animals (the impatient claw-tapping velociraptor!) that they all feel all the realer. 

Of course now, much like Michael Myers' head-tilt, they feel the need to do the same damned things every time -- they had one of the raptors tapping its toe in the latest Jurassic World abortion and all I could do is groan. We don't need you to copy things, we need you to make new interesting choices dammit! I digress -- we're here to talk about that lawyer getting eaten by that Tyrannosaur on that toilet!

But then because of course I have I have already done this scene as one of my "Ways Not To Die" posts (and I did it like fourteen years ago -- good grief I have been blogging this site for-literal-ever) so maybe you should check that out. I do find it crazy how on the eve of this film's 30th anniversary the special-effects still look perfect though -- everything having to do with the T-Rex in the first film looks better than literally anything that came after it in any of the other Jurassic movies. It's astonishing. In related news there's a massive new book about Phil Tippett, the special-effects legend behind the Jurassic dinos and the Starship Trooper bugs and the Robocops and the Star Wars, that's coming out in November -- I have already pre-ordered my copy! You should too! Or else...

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canoetoo said...

I was so upset and disturbed by the toilet scene in Jurassic Park that I never had any interest in seeing any of the sequels. And I was not a child at the time.