Wednesday, October 19, 2022

13 Toilets of Halloween #1

Well that sure is one way to kick off this year's Halloween series with a bang, huh? Go big or go home, that's what I say, and no horror movie scene has gotten as big a shriek out of me this year as did this scene in 1981's Strange Behavior (aka Dead Kids), when our leading man Pete (Dan Shor) just suddenly starts pissing blood out of nowhere. Well not out of "nowhere" -- it's out of his penis. That's "science." But this is a jump scare for the ages if you ask me, in a movie full of them -- I highly recommend seeking the movie out if you've never seen it! And that's easier than usual right now because it's part of Criterion Channel's "80s Horror" package -- the blu-ray's also on sale on Amazon to boot. It's a hidden gem, full of great shocks and style (not to mention Louise f'ing Fletcher) -- there's one sequence with an older woman stalked in her house that ranks among the best new-to-me scenes I've seen in quite some time. Oh and the dude pees blood. Did I mention the dude pees blood?

Anyway yes indeed I will be spending the next 13 days counting down 13 of my favorite Toilet Scenes in Horror Movies, because that's exactly what the world's been asking for. Past Halloween celebrations have looked at needles and cakes and mustaches and rats -- I really like to run the full gamut of utter nonsense, but then you probably knew that already. So stay tuned! We've got 12 more toilets to come until Halloween! Lucky lucky us!

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