Thursday, September 08, 2022

You Can Point That Thing This Way, Dave Bautista

The first teaser trailer for the Knives Out sequel titled Glass Onion is here and it's chockablock with recognizable actors in fancy dress being ridiculous in an exotic location -- basically it's what we're asking for from another Knives Out movie, up to and including Dave Bautista looking like the beefcake-iest Bond Girl in an eensy little speedo with a gun attached. (We love love love Dave Bautista round these parts, ever since he came out swinging for gay rights letting the world know he was raised by two moms.) The movie is about to premiere at TIFF and it doesn't come out on Netflix until Christmas -- they say there's a theatrical release in between there but they're not coughing up a date yet. I would think Thanksgiving, right? It's gonna be Thanksgiving. Anyway watch:

What do we think? I think it looks fun but I will admit that
I kinda miss Chris Evans and his white sweater already.


mrripley said...

I hope it's better than the first which I found disappointing apart from Craig and De Armas,I knew it was Evans after half an hour,like this cast more also.

Anonymous said...

The first one wasn’t remotely funny.

Shawny said...

I loved Knives Out. It was so entertaining. Rian Johnson always puts on a good show. This sequel is going to be great.