Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Hours and Hours of Gay Entertainment

I don't know about you but today hasn't been nearly gay enough for me. I mean, I have gone into several different spaces and not once -- not a single time! -- has confetti fallen on my head. What is even happening??? So in order to gay up this Wednesday here, over at Mashable I give you my list of the ten best movies on Netflix that were made by LGBTQ+ creators. There's something for everybody but mostly for me, because I made the damn thing. And isn't that what matters the most, in the end? That I am happy, goddamnit?

1 comment:

VRCooper said...

I read the list.

Why are a lot of gay movies about lesbians?

Am I reaching here?

I pursued Netflix/Amazon recently for gay offerings and see nothing but lesbian stuff. Now we love our lesbians but I don't feel the guys get a fair shake.