Monday, September 26, 2022

Good Morning, NYFF

Happy Monday, one and one all. This is a thing I should have heads-upped y'all about last week but me being me I was too busy I don't know googling Colin Farrell in shorts shorts probably -- press screenings for the New York Film Festival begin this morning. So I'm gonna be there off and on -- sporadically, some might say -- for the next couple of weeks. Posting will indeed be erratic, but I'll try to keep you abreast. Today I'll be seeing the lovely and amazing Vicky Krieps there in a movie called Corsage, and later on I'm seeing Claire Denis' new one Stars at Noon that stars Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn. Good first day, looks like! But I'll be around here blogging probably this afternoon, in between. So until then!

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