Thursday, August 04, 2022

The Man of Many Bodies

Extremely grateful that this pair of Lee Pace snaps from that new Mr. Porter shoot I posted on Tuesday slipped past my attention then, just so I have them to share here now right before the weekend and they can sit on top of the site until Monday. Lee Pace, if you ask me, should definitely always be on top. (Yeah, you're welcome for that.) But especially since his buzzy horror movie Bodies Bodies Bodies is hitting theaters tomorrow -- here is the trailer in case you're unawares. I have reviewed BBB and I will share said review with y'all once it goes up at Pajiba some time in the next 24 hours (expect this post to be updated) but for now, just stare at Lee some. It's okay. He really, really doesn't mind. ETA I promised an update and here it is -- here is my review of Bodies Bodies Bodies at this link. Read responsibly!

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