Monday, August 22, 2022

Lions and Idris Oh My

Since it went up on Saturday I didn't get a chance to link over to my review of Beast -- the "Idris Elba fights a lion!" movie (see the trailer here)  -- so click on over to Pajiba if you missed it. I thought it was a lot of fun and my review reflects that -- I did make the mistake of looking at the review's comments over the weekend though and I assure you, Random Pajiba Commenter, the Studio did not buy me off. If the studio wants to buy me off, they can contact me here. I am fucking cheap! So fucking cheap. I'll work for free blu-rays and maybe a sandwich now and then, honestly. Where did this idea come from though -- that critics are anything but dirt poor sods who have an insane compulsion to fling their feces opinions around and not much more? Cuz that's all we are, folks. Ooh a peek behind the curtain! Exclusive! Anyway see the "Idris Elba fights a lion" movie when you can, I promise you that Idris Elba did not give me a handy for saying that. If that had happened every-damn-body would've heard about that shit.

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bdog said...

Pajiba is pretty solid overall, but you do get a few morons now and then. Still not seeing this, tho I like that sweater.