Thursday, August 11, 2022

Idris Gonna Punch Us Out

Consider this post my preemptive aggression -- Idris Elba has two count them two movies out before this month is through (the lion attack thriller Beast and George Miller's fantasy romance Three Thousand Years of Longing with Tilda Swinton) and yet I am not seeing any Idris Elba photoshoots or cover stories coming from magazines just yet? If this sorry state of affairs continues I will be throwing down hissy over everything, just saying. I will have more to say about these movies when the time comes -- Beast is out next Friday (here is the trailer) while Longing is the following week, on the 26th (and here is that trailer). But get on it, magazines! Or else! This does go to show you how slim the pickings are this immediate weekend on hand though, about which I have nothing to say. I mean I did review Fall earlier -- it's good enough for what it is. Oh and the slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies is going into wide release after a small release last weekend -- that one's fun! I reviewed it right here. The August doldrums are in full effects though, that's for sure. If you watch anything good this weekend tell me about it! Bye!


Jake said...

Idris can do absolutely anything that he wants to me!!! He is absolutely one of the most handsome men alive!!!

bdog said...

Went to see Nope today and caught both those previews. Beast looks awful, the other looks great.
Nope was just ok. I was disappointed.