Thursday, July 21, 2022

Just Say Nope

I was definitely hoping we'd get at least one more hot Steven Yeun photoshoot before Nope came out this weekend but it looks like we'll have to make due with the two we did get back in June -- check our archives for those. The above photo's an older one, I have probably even posted it before, but fuck it it's lovely and it fits my mood. Because of my week away I am only just seeing Nope tonight but it's an IMAX screening and Jordan Peele will supposedly be there for a Q&A so I win after all. Granted I'm sure it's going to be incredibly crowded and nobody's going to be wearing masks and I am dreading it but so it goes in 2022 I suppose! I'm always an anxious mess now so par meet course. Anyway stay tuned to my 'socials" as the kids call them (all linked in the right-hand column) and maybe you'll see something happen there, Nope-wise. Otherwise have a good weekend and stuff -- no really, I mean it. Sincerity spills out of me like so much gunk.

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