Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Good Morning, World

Before you ask no, nope, I have not yet found time to see Baz Luhrmann's Elvis. And I feel kinda bad about it, surprisingly! I'm not Baz's number one or anything but I don't think his movies are uninteresting, and they're always best seen on a big screen so they can envelope you. Whether you get paper-cuts from said envelope tends to change film to film but you'll never hear me say a single solitary bad word about Romeo + Juliet anyway. (I have a couple of issues with Moulin Rouge! but let's not go there today.) 

Add on the fact that I love Elvis Presley and add on the fact that my boyfriend actually went and saw this by himself and you've got no excuses for me for not having seen this. None. Oh well, it's available to pre-order for digital right now and then the blu-ray comes out... well sometime soon I guess. It's weird, there's no date attached. I guess they just do it that way now. Anyway let's make my tomfoolery up to y'all with this new photo-shoot of Elvis star Austin Butler for VMan Magazine, how about that? Hit the jump for the dang thing...

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