Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Which is Hotter?

I was watching the extra special features on the brand new Criterion blu-ray of John Waters' classic Pink Flamingos last night and an obscenity occurred to me -- no not that one. Not the other one. And not that one either. No the obscenity was the realization that I have never done a poll asking y'all which is hotter: Crackers (Danny Mills) in Pink Flamingos or Gator (Michael Potter) in Female Trouble! One very much gets the sense that these boys represented John Waters' taste in men at the time and I've always wondered why none of these "types" ever came back from movie to movie alongside Waters' usual troupe of actors -- these were the only acting roles for the both of them! Basically I've always wondered if they were John's boyfriends at the time, and since Waters never talks about his personal life one is left to wonder! Anyway now I must poll...

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Adam said...

Haven't seen Pink Flamingos so can't compare, but there was definitely SOMETHING about Gator that I found outrageously sexy.

(It wasn't just because he showed us his weiner)
(I think)