Monday, June 13, 2022

Because The Stache Says So

I'm sad today that I never got around to reviewing the 2020 film The Killing of Two Lovers, which I liked quite a lot and which is available to rent right now on Amazon if you'll take my word that it's worth a peek. I am sad, you see, because I don't have that proof to link back to today when I rave about the new movie collaboration between director Robert Machoian and actor Clayne Crawford, so I could lay proper historic claim to the fact that I was all up in their business way back when. This new movie is called The Integrity of Joseph Chambers and it's screening at Tribeca (including on their "At Home" streaming platform across the country) and I reviewed it at Pajiba this afternoon -- read that review right here. I think it's terrific anyway, and I hope it means these two will be making lots of movies together. They've got something amazing going on. I'm calling it now!

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