Friday, May 06, 2022

Gooding Mason, World

Remind me when I'm more in the mood -- i.e. when I didn't just finish a shitty subway commute on a rainy Friday morning that I want real bad to be a Friday evening already -- that I should do a proper gratuitous post on Scream and Booksmart and Love Victor actor Mason Gooding. Because the boy loves taking gratuitous selfies -- the net's littered with them. (His Instagram is a good place to start.) For today I grant y'all just three photos, the above one for obvious reasons (i.e. he's hot and there are gray sweatpants) and the bottom two for obvious reasons (i.e. they're real gay with his upcoming co-star Tyler Alvarez in a movie called Pools, which is about a bunch of bored hot kids pool-hopping one summer. Sounds promising!)


J said...

Why do they look like they're about to film a Sean Cody scene!

CorgyBorgy said...

Pure bottom energy.