Friday, April 15, 2022

Cowboys and Criminals and Coopers, Oh My

Anybody watching the Western series That Dirty Black Bag on AMC+ right now? As seen above it stars our boy Dominic Cooper in his first big role since our beloved Preacher ended a couple of years ago -- you could tell me it was a decade ago and I'd believe you given the way time's been moving, but no, Preacher ended in September of 2019. Anyway I am saving a binge of That Dirty Black Bag later on so no, I don't know the context of the above photo I took out-of-context, but I dig, I dig. 

That show's not why I'm here today though -- today I'm here for the news that Cooper is about to co-star in another limited series, this one with our other boys Jack Lowden and Tom Cullen! Based on true events of a big robbery in 1983, the series called The Gold (thx Mac) will star Cooper & Lowden & Cullen alongside Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville and the great Sean Harris, and in its six episodes will deal with what's called the UK's "Crime of the Century" and several years of its aftermath. There's more at the link above. I'm there with that cast of hunkery. 

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MTMSLG said...

OMG! I watched ONE episode. I LOVE the cast and I LOVE westerns. But it just seemed like a bunch of Brits were playing cowboys . . . Not acting cowboys . . . I tapped out!