Thursday, April 28, 2022

Alexander Skarsgård Nine Times

Whoa ho ho how in the ho-world did I miss this Alexander Skarsgård photo-shoot last week until now? I guess I was a wee overwhelmed with The Northman itself hitting (here is my review) and all the other assorted Alexander accoutrement that came along for that ride -- Like did you see that you can pre-order the blu-ray already? You can! Right here! -- and so this GQ Hype one slipped through our cracks. Well let's reach down into our, uhh, cracks, and fix the situation. Hit the jump for the whole fine shoot...


Eve said...

Hi Jason,

I know this isn't the place but I'd like to ask you something...

You've recently started posting your review on Pajiba. I'd love to comment on their threads but one of their former writters/oweners/whatever called "TK" banned me for good. No warnings, no temporary banning, no nothing.

One day he simply got mad at me and banned.

I apolologized for whatever I must have done (I had had no idea, he didn't have the decency of explaining why), he responded by being EXTREMELY condescending and said it was best to leave at that.

Had the nerve to wish me luck.

Can you do anything at all to lift my ban?

Thanks in avance,


P.S.: I've tried anything malicious, like changing my IP address.

The IP address you see is the same I have since I've gotten my internet.

Please, I can't posting on Celebitchy anymore -- where, by the way, I put a good word on you.

Eve said...

*I meant "I HAVEN'T tried anything malicious (like changing my IP address).

Eve said...

**Oh, my OCD!!!

I meant "Thanks in advance".

I'm a mess...have been calling the suicide line here in Brazil for three days straight.

Sorry, you're not my psychiatrist. But your blog helps a little. Want you to know that.

Eve said...

Please, don't ban me, too.

I'm so fucking lost!!!

Eve said...


I've been unable to financially contribute to your blog but I always visit it and say good things about it.

Jason Adams said...

Hey Eve first things first I hope you're doing alright. If calling the line helps you, gives you somebody to talk to, that's good. Keep doing it, that's what they are there for. I appreciate you saying nice things about me elsewhere too, that's very sweet. I can't do anything that I know of re: Pajiba, though -- I don't really know anybody, I just submit my reviews and take off. I don't know this TK person at all. Sorry I can't be more help. But you're always welcome to comment here :)

Eve said...

Thank you for your reply, Jason. That's very kind of you.

I wasn't wrong when I said you're a sweartheart (there, over Celebitchy -- as I already said, there was a link to your review of The Northman on/at? Pajiba).

Oh, that I see the plethora of comments I've made I'm spotting all the typos and mistakes.

I was/am a mess.

Anyway, thank you again and thank you for your blog.