Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Holding Out For Aaron's Hero

Six days ago I saw Kraven-to-be Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the cover for the latest issue of HERO Magazine (that photo's down below) and I tweeted, and I quote, "Now comes the part where I wait with wild impatience for more of this HERO magazine Aaron Taylor-Johnson photoshoot to materialize, joy." That "joy" was sarcasm, by the way. Well the wait is over, and it was only six days! I survived! You survived! Well, I assume you survived -- I guess you could be a ghost, reading this. That's the sweetest thing ever -- y'all reading me even after you die. Or maybe is that Hell for you? Is reading MNPP your traumatic Sisyphean myth? Damned unto eternity a la Jessica Lange's knotty pine? Apologies, dudes. let's make the best of it.

Wait where were we? Oh right, Aaron. The pictures are here and I've got them, but for once I might actually be telling you that you want to read the interview with ATJ that's attached to the photoshoot? It's a chat conducted by Andrew Garfield and the two actors seem really comfortable with each other (no not like that, although I wish) and I found it one of Aaron's better chats? He's not as stand-offish as he usually seems. Maybe it's that Garfield actually says, and I quote, "You look perfect right now, your body, your face, that beard, that hair." This is also what I would say to Aaron if ever given the chance! Or maybe I am just thrilled that Aaron mentions his love for Timothée Chalamet's performance in Call Me By Your Name. Whatever the case it's a good interview and well worth reading. Also good -- the photoshoot! Full of body and face and beard and hair, as it should be. Check it out right after the jump...

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