Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Good Morning, World

Listen, I know the chances are slight, but if there is even one-tenth of one-tenth one percent chance that Enlightened and The White Lotus genius Mike White is reading this I'd feel super bad if I didn't once agin, for the one-hundredth time, repeat that I really hope he makes actor Austin Stowell's barely glimpsed pool-boy sex-worker from the first season of Lotus a recurring character with the second show. It doesn't have to be much! Just have him show up and tear off his shirt and flirt for five seconds with Jennifer Coolidge and get shot down a second time -- that would be a nice gag, Mike. And it would give us Austin taking his shirt off again -- everybody wins, Mike White. Anyway these gifs here have nothing to do with The White Lotus -- these are of Austin Stowell in some recent movie called The Hating Game -- it's on Amazon to rent right now if you need to know the story around this scene, but if you're like me this is plenty. You might say good and plenty, even! Hit the jump for it...

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tony libido said...

1. I saw HATING GAME, it's streaming for free on Kanopy. It's a bland harmless attempt at a modern romcom. MVP is certainly Stowell's torso.

2. But the very best moment is in this scene but not captured in this series of gifs–he drops his towel as stands there in front of Lucy Hale and she basically does a Bugs Bunny-style eyeballs shooting out of their sockets reaction shot as she stares at his "bathing suit area."