Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Good Morning, World

Moon-man Oscar Isaac is the cover-boy for Esquire magazine this month, and... Doesn't it seem like spitting in fashion editorials has become a thing? (I know there are more examples but it's early so all I am remembering right this minute is Robert Pattinson in Wonderland just a couple of weeks ago.) Before you get any dubious thoughts about me, know this -- I am not complaining. I find every photo of an actor spitting incredibly sexy. Spitting and armpits are real in fashion right now and I'm into it. Bring on the Sex Pig Era. The spitting thing though, I can't imagine there's not something specific that we're culturally working out there, what with the pandemic and everything. Humanity will always fetishize our fears.

Anyway of course Oscar's doing Esquire because The Moon Knight is hitting Disney+ this week -- nothing says Disney like "Sex Pig" photoshoot! No no, the rest of the shoot is actually pretty low-key -- sexy, because it's Oscar, but there are no straps or stirrups or anything. We're not talking about Franz Rogowski in Zoo magazine or anything here. Just Oscar wearing a bunch of suits and looking kind of like a stylish 70s detective. (On a sidenote I've seen the first four episode of TMK and it's okay? Oscar is fun. It has great violence, which was unexpected. And a lot of attention is paid to Oscar's butt in pants, which was not unexpected, but appreciated nonetheless. That s my full review.) Hit the jump for the whole shoot...

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