Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Good Morning, World

In the lead up to the Oscars both 
Jamie Dornan and Julian Morris were seen facializing
themselves, so natch we must ask:


Anonymous said...

There is an increasingly ugly undercurrent. I think if you are feeling personally traumatized by this incident, you should do a little soul-searching, and also ask yourself why you're centering your victimhood, and consider how that victimhood has historically been weaponized, says Louis Peitzman.
Please consider these words 🙏

Anonymous said...

Eat shit, Anonymous

Jason Adams said...

Who even is this person who keeps coming in here and quoting random ass tweets at me, using them as their own speech, just to make me feel bad? I haven't said shit about the Oscars since Monday, and all i said then was it made me feel gross and I was taking the day off. I am not sitting here writing long posts about my feelings about anything. Go find some other witch to burn, motherfucker.

frankemahovlich said...

Facializing themselves painted a totally different picture in my mind.