Monday, March 21, 2022

Good Morning, World

I went to IMDb this morning to see what project Bill Skarsgard was selling with this new photoshoot for Cafe magazine -- besides, you know, himself, and doing a fine job at that -- and he's got several, it could be several, and Cafe hasn't actually posted his interview so I'm not sure which one it's for. But one thing stood out off his IMDb page -- Bill was in Eternals??? 

I have no recollection of him playing some character named "Kro" (do you?) but then I actually remember very little about that bad, bad, bad movie. (I was amused when Chloé Zhao came out last week saying she was trying to challenge the audience -- I suppose you did that, but maybe not in the way you were intending!) Anyway I gathered up this new photoshoot and one from last year that Bill did for Vogue Scandinavia, you can see them both after the jump...


Anonymous said...

Kro was the leader deviant who was fondling Angelina Jolie.

Eve said...

@Anonymous: Indeed. And I think that was a waste of his beauty and talent.

He's drop dead gorgeous, in my (peculiar) opinion.