Friday, February 18, 2022

In Park We Trust

I don't care if this is a gimmick to sell phones, I am still thrilled that we've got twenty-plus minutes of new Park Chan-wook movie to watch today -- Apple commissioned the Oldboy and The Handmaiden director to make them a short film shot entirely on an iPhone (this is the second time he's done this) and he did, and you can watch it with some commentary from yours truly over at The Film Experience right now. I also talk about Park's next two projects, one of which was totally news to me -- he's making a limit series for HBO that will star Robert Downey Jr. in multiple roles? Not my favorite news in the world! But we'll see. I have an awful lot of trust in PCW.

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p said...

Great news, thank you for the heads up!! (I tried commenting on TFE but forgot my password) I know its not a film, but that series The Little Drummer that he also directed entirely, it was good (I wasn't really blown away by it, it was a bit stiff, but its good). I wish Amir Khoury had a bigger role in it, he really made an impression (that ass still haunts me).