Friday, February 25, 2022

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #198

Continuing yesterday's revisit of my recent 90s thriller rewatch, I had written myself a note to call attention to the Gay Best Friend Graham's stupendous apartment full of bookshelves in Barbet Schroeder's 1992 film Single White Female and so, attention we shall pay. Not that there's much for me to say about Graham (played by long-working character actor Peter Friedman, most recently of Succession) that wasn't said by Christopher over at The Film Experience in his "Gay Best Friend" series last April -- I very much recommend you read that piece. One thing I will add about the character of Graham though is...

... one, dude has an apartment lined with bookshelves, including the ever-covetable hallway lined with bookshelves (god, I swoon). And two, my dude never turns any lights on in his apartment. It is always pitch black in there, with some moody flattering blue lighting scattered here and there, making for the perfect Morticia Addams framing. So I must ask: is Graham the perfect man? I spend half my life turning off lights in my apartment -- the darker the better. And bookshelves? Forget about it. Plus he's got a furry chest and he likes to listen in on his neighbors having sex. Hairy perv book-loving shadowy dreamboat be mine!

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