Monday, January 03, 2022

The Bat Abs

I hadn't planned on watching any more trailers for The Batman, Matt Reeves' forthcoming... well you know. You know what this movie is by now, we've had this movie fifty fucking times. My sarcasm comes packaged with every intention of watching it all over again of course. But there's no need for me to explain any of this. Anyway I wasn't going to watch the new trailer but then I saw the above shot going around on Twitter, and lo, shocker, here we are, la di dah. I still don't really get what this film's going to bring this franchise that we haven't seen before -- and with each passing year the technicolor camp of Joel Schumacher feels more appealing than what they keep feeding us -- but they hired enough actors I adore to get me there to see if there's anything to it. So we'll see! 

The Batman is out on March 3rd. Any thoughts?


bdog said...

I'm kind of Batted out. I won't pay to see this, but I'll watch it when it pops up on one of my streaming services.

Anonymous said...

Looks boring/ugly

dre said...

I mean...that hairstyle? Who thought that was a good idea?