Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Kelvin Harrison Jr Two Times

(pics via) Weird how little I have said about Cyrano here, given I love the director (Joe Wright of Hanna and Anna Karenina) and I love the cast (Kelvin alongside Peter Dinklage and Swallow's own Haley Bennett) and I love the band The National who did the music for the musical (well the Dressner Brothers, two-fifths of the band, did anyway). Also there's the fact that I have seen the movie and it's not bad! Okay not the world's ringiest endorsement to be sure, but it is a musical and, Tick Tick Boom (my review) and the West Side Story (my review) aside, I am still me when it comes to musicals. I didn't love it like I did those two I just mentioned, but the Dressners' score is gorgeous, and Harrison comes off especially well, with a lovely voice. I know the film's wide release has gotten messed up again because of Omicron (Bennett has been particularly upset about this on her Insta, bless her) but as of now it's still supposed to come out on the 28th. Watch the trailer here. ETA just seeing today's news that Harrison is playing Jean-Michel Basquiat in the new biopic called Samo Lives -- he will be great! He is literally always great.

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