Friday, January 28, 2022

Good Morning, World

After a week spent watching around forty movies at Sundance and writing up fully one-quarter of the ones that I watched (with more to come) I gotta admit that I feel a little like Chris Hemsworth looks in this photo (via) -- I flexed some big muscles this week! Yes mine are on the inside (that's what he said) but they're no less spectacular. Anyway good morning, and we'll get to the Sundance round-up as it stands this here Friday in a little bit. For now I have to go eat my breakfast sandwich and reflect on how better to make these flabby outsides a little more Hemsworthian maybe. (Fewer breakfast sandwiches? Never.) 

1 comment:

NealB said...

Your self-esteem--comparing your inside muscles to Hemsworth's outside--is a goddamn inspiration.