Friday, January 28, 2022

Freak Orlando

First things first -- and "first things" at MNPP are always the shirtless guy -- if the dude on the right in that photo above looks familiar to you then the chances are good that you have probably seen the truly bizarre 2018 soccer by way of cotton candy queer-scape flick Diamantino, as that is that film's extremely handsome star Carloto Cotta. Pictured above he's seen as part of the surprisingly broad cast of notable actors that show up in the Sundance premiered folk horror flick You Won't Be Alone, which I just reviewed today for Pajiba, read that here

It also stars in small roles Noomi Rapace, Alice Englert, Felix Maritaud -- these lightly familiar faces kept popping up amid all of these more obscure Estonian ones and surprising me. The film already has a trailer (watch it here) because it's being released on April 1st, and I recommend this one! If you watched and enjoyed that terrific doc about Folk Horror recently (which is on Shudder now, by the way) this will be right in that wheelhouse -- it's slow and odd and super queer; there's one scene (glimpsed in the trailer and screen-shotted below) where a bunch of the local young 19th century farmers strip naked and go jerk off in a field together that worth the price of admission alone! (These are the things I couldn't write about in my respectable review, but here at MNPP I'll go wild.)

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