Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Which Witch is Witch

Well Focus Features sure isn't wasting any time on this horror movie they're premiering at Sundance next month -- it's already got a poster, a trailer, and a release date! You Won't Be Alone stars Noomi Rapace as a young woman in 19th century Macedonia who is turned into a witch by an ancient spirit, who then in turn kills and takes over the body of a peasant girl so she can life some life human-like again. Besides Rapace the movie also stars Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures hive holla!) and sexy-boy Félix Maritaud of BPM / Sauvage / Knife+Heart fame. Here's the trailer:

You Won't Be Alone hits theaters on April 1st.

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Anonymous said...

Carloto Cotta was Diamantino, that batshit crazy movie from a couple years ago. Between him, Maritaud, Jane Campion's daughter and Noomi Rapace they have gathered quite an interesting (and good looking) international cast. Looks promising.