Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Miguel Ángel Silvestre Four Times

Balls! Miguel loves 'em, and we love watching him play with 'em. Also love the fact that Miguel is always playing "skins" no matter the occasion. Bless him. I wish he was one of the many many many Sense8 actors popping up in the Wachowski's new Matrix movie -- he's even got the backdrop here in that franchise's signature sickly green going on! -- but I guess we can't have it all, no matter what those goddamned feminists used to say. Have I mentioned I'm seeing the new Matrix on Monday? I know there are More Important Critics seeing it tonight but we don't speak of those people. The only person's opinion that matters is mine, mine dammit! Aaaanyway on that slightly psychotic note this is me signing off for the evening, so I can go home and stare at myself in the mirror and curse other critics under my breath apparently. Y'all have a good night, and I'll help you with that some after the jump...

And here's that last shot zoomed in a little, just cuz:

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Peggy Sue said...

Bless you.