Thursday, December 09, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Matt: Look, I don't know what Buddy's doing 
with you or what you think he's doing with you, 
but you need to move on. 
Mavis: You're one to talk. All you care about is
some scuffle that happened 20 years ago.
You lean on that crutch and you lean on excuses
and you and I both know that you use this whole
thing as an excuse to do absolutely nothing with your life.
Matt : Scuffle. You don't know shit about what happened
to me. Okay? Those jocks you used to blow during lunch, 
they shattered my legs, bashed in my brains, mangled my
cock so that I have to piss and cum sideways for the rest
of my life. Then they left me for dead. You know, things
aren't too great down south. I can barely get off by
myself let alone with another person.
Mavis: You know, what's done is done. 
You can't keep dwelling on the past, Matt.

I've felt a little guilty ever since I wrote my (deservedly) scathing Ghostbusters Afterlife takedown last month that I made a nepotism joke about Jason Reitman, because I do think Jason Reitman is talented, and this here movie that's turning 10 years old today is about all the proof I need to exhibit in that claim's defense. If all he'd ever made was Young Adult he'd be a fave. Young Adult is better than anything his father made. Then you add on Juno and Tully and to a lesser extent Thank You For Smoking and he's really one of our great comedy directors -- I guess that's one of the reasons Afterlife annoyed me so much; I really wanted it to be something special and it was decidedly not. Oh well! We'll always have Mavis Gary and her spectacular bullshit!


mrripley said...

Can we all agree this should have been Charlize's 2nd Oscar,a complete original.

Shawny said...

For me it was a great performance by Charlize because it triggered actual memories I have with girls like her who were popular. But the film to me was not as good as I wanted it to be.