Friday, December 17, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

you can learn from:

Jon: All I know is if I don't take a shower and 
brush my teeth in about two minutes, I'm gonna... 
I'm gonna fucking kill myself...
I'm a fag, okay? I can't stand being dirty.

A happy 62nd birthday to writer-director and MNPP icon Gregg Araki today! Yesterday I was saying that I should maybe watch a bunch of Bergman films over the holidays because the world has that Bergman feeling about it -- you know, grim and devastating -- but maybe I should watch Gregg's "Teenage Apocalypse" trilogy instead? (That includes his next three movies -- Totally F***ed Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere.) They're at least gay and goofy to go along with the grim and devastating. And the signs of Plague and Death that Bergman loves so much are played by, like, dudes wearing giant Lizard Alien suits in Araki-World. 

Is anybody else on the internet connecting Bergman and 
Araki like this? This is why y'all keep coming back right? 

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