Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

Hermann Kermit Warm: What we need to do is to put an end to all this barbarity. Put an end to all this violence - find a solution for it. By inventing a new society. A society where the relationships among men is governed by respect and the absence of profit. Thus a society without greed.
A happy 39th birthday to Riz Ahmed today! If you missed The Sisters Brothers when it came out a couple of years ago you missed out on a real treat from director Jacques Audiard and his very fine cast -- here's my review. And I very much recommend you figure out someway to watch this movie then! Or again! It's on Hulu. Weirdly the blu-ray is totally out print? You can find foreign copies for 30+ bucks but I find it real strange this movie's already half dropped off the radar. Homophobia!

The heat between Jake and Riz in this movie -- my god. It goes unspoken, but it's clearly there -- now that I think about it this would make for a killer double-feature with Kelly Reichardt's First Cow in that way. "That way" meaning "loving queer-coded relationships between a bearded white man and an asian man with a mustache on the old-timey frontier." You know. That way. That very, very specific way. 

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Shawny said...

First Cow was my second favorite film from last year, after Borat.