Monday, November 22, 2021

Steven Yeun Says Hi, Says Bye

Howdy hello hi -- apologies I've been quiet for most of this day on here but I had a big review I was pounding out and you'll be thankful for that effort later. Just you wait! That said I should also give you a heads-up that tomorrow will also be an abbreviated day as I've got a pair of screenings to attend -- I'm seeing both Being the Ricardos and Licorice Pizza tomorrow, huzzah! -- and then, well then it's Thanksgiving break until the following Monday. Womp womp. Anyway I will be here tomorrow morning so this isn't all until next week, but you should just have that at the backs of your heads -- the end is nigh, I mean! But you knew that already. If there's one thing the last year's taught us, it's fucking that.

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