Tuesday, November 09, 2021

A Heartfelt Symphony, Says Me

The new movie from Beginners and 20th Century Women director slash genius Mike Mills is called as you may know already C'mon C'mon and it stars Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely uncle who gets to spend some quality time with his nephew, who's played by newcomer Woody Norman. As with everything Mike Mills has done so far the movie's lovely and moving and all that jazz -- I saw it at NYFF last month and I reviewed it right here. Which you'd also know...

... thanks to the new trailer, because there I am! Blurb-whoring it up! This is I believe, unless there are ones I'm unaware of, the third trailer I've infiltrated? And I'm trying to be cooler about it -- this shouldn't be about me, it should be about the movie! -- but it still makes the 10-year-old Jason who watched Siskel & Ebert religiously every week pretty giddy; I just can't help it. As any of you who've read my reviews know I don't write specifically for these things -- pretty sure every time it's happened there's been ellipsis involved because they need to edit my rambling down! -- but I'm nevertheless delighted. I cannot lie. Thankfully the movie's good and I'm not lying! It totally is "a heartfelt symphony." Here's the trailer:

C'mon C'mon is hitting theaters on November 19th. See it!


Louise said...

Congrats! that's very cool

Shawny said...

Dang JA, nice going! What words were skipped and replaced with the ellipses?