Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Pics of the Day

I think I've tweeted about "getting myself into the mood for Halloween" about fifty times over the past week -- it always takes some effort, once I'm through with NYFF and such, to shift my brain into Horror Movie gear, but I think I'm basically there at this point. I started working on this month's Halloween series last night (see previous examples here and here) -- I have this year's theme set, at least! --and I've begun unpacking my boxes stuffed with human skulls at home, so how could I not be in the mood by now? Anyway these photos of Brad Pitt looking hot as the deepest fire-pits of hell as he tests out fangs for Interview With the Vampire (via), which I had never seen before today, are also doing the trick. Hit the jump for a few more snaps...

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