Thursday, October 21, 2021

Good Morning, World

Oscar Isaac's wife was kind enough to share that photo of her perfect husband napping yesterday, and what better way to greet Dune Day than by sharing that with y'all -- yup Denis Villenueve's forever-delayed part one of Frank Herbert's book is finally finally finally out in US theaters now! I saw it at NYFF a few weeks back and I didn't review it then and I am probably not going to review it now, but I did write the following tweet and I think it sums up my feelings fairly succinctly. (You should go see it, on a really big screen if that is a safe thing for you to do -- it's grand.)


bdog said...

If one hasn't read Dune, will it be hard to understand?

Jason Adams said...

I hadn’t read it in aaaaaaages and I think it does a good job boiling an extremely complicated world and plot down to basics. I think you’ll get why you need to follow the story, as the film is telling it. There’s lots that will be left in the book only but that stuff you can go read if you’re into it