Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Good Morning, World

I said I wasn't going to post these scenes until I caught up on the two episodes of Scenes From a Marriage that I am behind, but... notice how I couldn't help saying "behind" and "but" there? There's a reason. The pathway from my id to my gif-making fingertips is a laser-fast express-route and nothing can get in the way when something like Oscar Isaac's immediately legendary nudity in these last two episodes of Scenes From a Marriage comes along. Last week's episode, which I capped here, I still haven't recovered from. I may never recover! I'll be talking to my therapist about it for decades. My final words, as the planet Melancholia smashes into Earth, will be, "The... Chunky... Bum......" Meanwhile this week's past episode might not offer us the same view from the front that last week's did -- I can't even believe that still happened! -- but it offers a better view of the Noted Chunky Bum itself, and for that, eternal gratitude. I mean... Ingmar Bergman who, right? Never heard of him! Hit the jump for the rest...


Dougie said...

They digitally covered his front...bummer

Anonymous said...

If we slow it down and zoom in, we can see the goods.

This is the whole reason I watched this series. Hoping we would get some skin, but remembering our sexist misogynistic society— but low and behold, they delivered. Oscar Isaac is such a beautiful man. His wife is very lucky. I hope she’s ok after watching this series.

Anonymous said...

Can we do a poll? Who are some other stars we are looking forward to seeing naked either this year or just generally at some point?

Anonymous said...

1. Oscar Isaac “Scenes from a Marriage”
2. Sebastian Stan “Monday”
3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers “Yakuza Princess”
4. Benedict Cumberbatch “Power of the Dog”
5. Trevante Rhodes “The People vs Billie Holliday”
6. The entire cast of “All the Queen’s Men”
7. Beau Knapp “Mosquito State”
8. Jake Lacey & Kekua Kekymanu “The White Lotus”
9. Stephen Graham “Help”
10. Miguel and Antonio “30 Coins”

Anonymous said...

I may never recover from this either. Phew!