Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Second To Last Black Man

First things first we need a new Jonathan Majors photoshoot, stat. I'm reusing photos! What a waste. You can see that shot above again, alongside the rest of the GQ shoot, right here. Anyway I re-use Jonathan today to share news with y'all -- the movie that made me fall head over heels for him, Joe Talbot's 2019 masterpiece The Last Black Man in San Francisco (and enough time has passed and I have re-watched that movie enough to feel absolutely fine using that word, "masterpiece"), is getting a fancy upgrade blu-ray-wise thanks to the fine folks at A24 today -- check it out on their site. It is super extra and I'd want no less for that damn movie. It's expensive but I hadn't bought the film yet (the basic blu-ray was kind of barebones) so I felt justified, clicking the "purchase" button at last. TLBMISF was my #5 movie of the amazing year that was 2019 -- here is my original review if you missed it. This is one of the great films of our age.

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