Thursday, September 16, 2021

Say it With Manny

What I'm about to write has nothing to do with actor and beauty Manny Jacinto -- although he does serve as a good reminder that I have fallen several episodes behind on Nine Perfect Strangers (I really have been doing nothing from morning to night but watching screeners for TIFF for the past week) -- but why not slap these two photos of Manny alongside it? Indeed. 

Anyway I just wanted to take a moment to point out that long-time visitors of MNPP might notice a difference on the site today -- I got rid of the sidebar down below on the right where I logged what movies I'd been watching, and just replaced it with a link to my Letterboxed account. Follow me there! I loved having that sidebar, I really did, but I had gotten terrible at updating it regularly and every time I noticed how far behind I'd gotten I felt angry at myself -- and I noticed it every damn day! That's too much anger. And in the meanwhile I'd fiiinnally taken to Letterboxed and now use it regularly. So why not just bite the inevitable tekno-future bullet? We're so hip, after all.

I will admit that I have one bad Letterboxd habit that I need to break, which is that I log the movies I'm watching as I start watching them, so I don't rate or review things there very often -- our ol' sidebar always had letter grades which I know some of you found helpful, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay! God! Anyway follow me on Letterboxd if you don't, is my point. Also that Manny Jacinto is pretty, but you knew that already.


Bert said...

I'll make sure to follow you on letterboxd! Can I ask where the top pic of MJ is from?

stoney8 said...

Not Loving Nine Perfect Strangers Wish It Was More Like Name Sounds, Like "And Then There Were None" 10 Perfect Murders. A Good Murder Mystery.

Jason Adams said...

The Manny photos are from here, but these are the only two!