Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Good Morning, World

Hey everybody! I'm back! I hope I was missed, because 1) I, like anyone, like being missed, and 2) you're gonna need a little more of that feeling this morning to carry you through -- every time I come back from a break I got some catching up to do. I think it will be better this morning than usual, I did some catching up during my trip, but here's a photo of Johnathan Schaech (via his Insta) giving us his best Silver Daddy routine (his best is very very good) to, you know, entertain and distract or a few moments.

And thank you, Johnathan!


Mirko said...

Welcome back! And, wow, Jonathon is really in a fab shape!

Dean Correll said...

Hi, I hope you’ve had some nice R&R, and, damn, that Johnathan Schaech is seriously fine!