Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Who Wore It Best?

I've spent the past two days, ever since Jai Courtney posted a photo of himself celebrating Midsommar over the weekend, weighing whether to do a "Who wore it best?" post that pitted his flower crown against Florence Pugh's flower-crown in Ari Aster's film named after said same holiday. What kept me from doing the poll was I figured it would be a blow-out for original May Queen Florence...

... although perhaps I was underestimating y'all's Jai-thirstiness in my considerations. But today that query's moot, as we've been afforded a new option! Because it turns out that Jai's Suicide Squad co-star Jay Hernandez was also at his little party! So we can decide between them instead!

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Anonymous said...

Jai is underrated. His performance on that miniseries was incredible and he’s hot as hell.

bdog said...

I like Hernandez best, I even watch Magnum sometimes.