Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

The Lost City of Z (2016)

Jack: I understand that it's dangerous, but you've said so yourself, with everything that's happened in Europe, it's not possible to choose a safe passage through life. So many men near my own age did not return from the war, and... And who is to say it will not happen again? It could, mother. It could happen again.

It's Tom Holland's 25th birthday today and I, like Jake (see below) wish him a wonderful one. I did contemplate doing a "5 Off My Head" list of my favorite performances from him but -- and this isn't meant to be rude to him on his birthday! -- I couldn't come up with 5 that I really meant just yet? I think he's made for a really good Spider-man, and there are a couple of roles he did pre-Marvel that prove he's extremely talented -- the one mentioned above and his greatest work yet, his debut in The Impossible

That's one of the great child performances right there. But beyond that I either haven't seen the work (the show Wolf Hall, or the films In the Heart of the Sea and The Current War) or it's stuff I don't think on par with his best work to date (that'd be Cherry... and let us not speak of the mess that was Chaos Walking) and so we're gonna hold off. I think he'll make it. What do you think has been Tom's best work yet? 

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bdog said...

I remember seeing The Impossible, and thinking, 'This kid is amazing'. W/o a doubt the best of the Spidey Twinks. His LipSynch battle is the stuff of legend.