Monday, May 10, 2021

James Norton Ten Times

Another week, yet another James Norton photo-shoot -- this one's for The Laterals magazine and I don't have a proper link yet since the magazine itself hasn't put anything online yet; twas James who posted these snaps on his Insta. But since we're here and I gotta say something -- is anybody watching The Nevers? Anybody? I am, although I haven't watched the latest episode, and... it's gotten messy right? Like the big dramatic moment two weeks ago was like Joss 101, telegraphed from out space, and did  nothing for me. But there are good things, very good things too, and I hope whomever's coming onto the series in Joss' wake is able to sniff the right things out -- I like the world and I like the cast, I think there's a Good Show worth watching buried in there. Anyway, there. I said something. Now let's look at the pictures after the jump...


Buxnalaus said...

I've been watching The Nevers, and it definitely has a lot of good beats and a great cast... that then gets completely ruined by Obvious Joss Whedon Moments.

I'm really looking forward to seeing if it picks up in the back half of the season, seeing as how that's when the new showrunner takes over.

Ankit Shankar said...

I am watching it for the character of Amalia True otherwise the show is not that compelling.
Hope it gets better in second half.