Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Aldis Hodge Three Times

Don't know how I missed these here three snaps from Aldis Hodge's photo-shoot for Man About Town magazine popping up at some point after that first batch I posted way back in December, but I did... and now I didn't. Well if you've got to wait for something, something like this is the way to go. 

Anyway I'm using Aldis today (oh how I'd love to use Aldis!) to get down to business (oh how I'd love to get down to business with Aldis!) and alert y'all to the fact that this might be my last post until Tuesday? I've got off-line business to deal with tomorrow that might keep me off-line the entire day, and then I'm taking a few days off to finally go see all my vaccinated family and friends upstate after a far too long pandemic-forced separation. We'll see how tomorrow goes but if you have to stare at Aldis for a few days... you'll be fine.


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Jason, looks like you may be having a great family reunion! Congrats if that is the case. You deserve it!