Friday, May 07, 2021

A Time For Mothers

This still feels like kind of a weird time to wish people a Happy Mother's Day because there is still -- in case you'd forgotten or maybe you just woke up from a coma (in which case I love that you came to MNPP first!) -- a pandemic happening, and relational activities should remain constrained. No parties, people. But personally I am now a vaccinated person, and my mother and my grandmother are now vaccinated people, and so I am going to upstate New York next week to see them for the first time since... like nearly two years ago? I'm pretty emotional about it, don't get me started! But that's not this weekend, that's next week, and I'll surely mention it when it's happening. For some of you though, maybe you're safely seeing your Moms this weekend? And it's to you people, and to all the actual Moms, that I say Happy Mother's Day. Also Bye til Monday!

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