Friday, April 16, 2021

Good Morning, World

I wasn't going to post about Monday, aka "Sebastian Stan's Penis Movie," until later today when my review of the film goes up on Pajiba -- and believe it or not I keep the review respectable-like and don't even mention the word "penis" once! -- but since the internet has already spent the past 12 hours, since the movie dropped on streaming (you can watch it right here), giffing all of the penis parts I figured I'd jump, as it were, the gun. Give y'all a gif to wake up by. I know, it's 10:30am, you're already awake, whatever. I barely am! Having a slow morning. On that note... or on two notes actually -- on the note of laziness and on the note of the internet already having done the giffing work -- just click here if you want to see Sebastian Stan's very fine penis, divorced from all other context. It is very fine. Or you could give the very fine penis some context and actually watch the movie -- it's not a bad movie! But I'll have more to say about that later, with my review.


Anonymous said...

Nothing special

Anonymous said...

Jeez.. not everyone has to be, or should be, Michael Fassbender. I was pleasantly surprised to see he's uncut and then I remembered he was born in Romania.