Thursday, April 01, 2021

Good Meloni, World

I feel like I never see TV commercials anymore since who watches live TV anymore? And yet I still somehow know that Christopher Meloni is returning to Law and Order SVU through TV commercials -- I guess they must air them during the news, aka the one TV thing I watch live still. That would make sense, target-audience-wise, I suppose. Anyway in honor of Meloni's triumphant return to SVU -- not that I ever watched that show in the first place; I just like looking at Meloni -- here are a pair of gifs from a memorable "Meloni on SVU" moment which I never posted back in the day. Enjoy! Good morning!


creamycamper said...

Oof...that's all I can say

joel65913 said...

How effortless hot that man is!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the butt L&O shots? "When asked by a fawning Twitter user if he wanted to explain why his dump truck possesses “so much cake” in a recent photo from the Law & Order: Organized Crime set (please, do enjoy a peek), the actor had no hesitation responding with: “Sure. Big birthday (60), big boy (200 lbs), big cake.”