Thursday, April 01, 2021

Baby Makers Movie

This is the sort of movie that I am terrible at reviewing because my review would basically just be an "awwwww" gif, like a kitten being adorable or a bunny sneezing or something -- this movie is a box of puppies gif. Put that on your poster, Together Together! In all seriousness I saw this movie -- which stars Ed Helms and the great Patti Harrison, who's been a fave since lighting up her every moment on Aidy Bryant's Hulu show Shrill -- at Sundance, and I loved the ever-loving heck outta it. And that was much to my surprise as I had zero expectations going in and only watched it because I was trying to watch everything at Sundance. 

It's not at all the sort of movie that immediately jumps out as Me Bait -- it's a light comedy about a middle-aged guy hiring a lost-seeming younger woman to be his baby surrogate, aka straight people stuff. And yet! It is ridiculously sweet and sweetly funny and never aggressive in the very real possibility of Sundance-Movie-Whimsy. It just goes down hella easy and before you realize it you're entirely won over. I recommend, is my point! It's hitting theaters on April 23rd and then digital on May 11th, and lo, a trailer:

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More trans visibility! YAY!